I am very excited to announce that I am contributing as a guest blogger for Sprout Therapy Services! Located in Mornington, Vic, Sprout supports children with special needs by offering a range of services like occupational therapy and social skills classes. My post will be published to their site on Wednesday, I will post an update here once it goes live.

Another great bit of news I have is that I am finally enrolled to study! After the overwhelming feedback about my blog I have decided to pursue writing as a career. I was always hesitant to get involved in such a competitive industry because I always kinda fell apart when under any kind of stress, but I feel much more confident now that I have the right diagnosis and the tools to manage it. Instead of going the traditional campus study route I have decided to do an online degree, that way I can concentrate in a familiar environment in peace and quiet without the distraction and activity of a University campus.

I’m happy to post some positive news here, rather than the usual “I’m struggling with x…”. Life with ASD isn’t all bad, folks! I just like to highlight some of the things I experience so that people can understand what it can be like. I definitely have good times and I want to share those as well x


6 thoughts on “Blogception… Great things on the horizon!

  1. Hi Catherine,
    Monica from Sprout Therapy Services. We are SOOOOO excited and grateful for your guest blog with us this week. We know our families with children with Autism will really appreciate your perspective on things.


  2. I have really enjoyed your blog and you are a terrific writer. I was a friend of your mum and she would be really proud of you. Good luck.


    1. Thank you Mary! Lovely to hear from you. Mum spoke of you often and was really happy to have reconnected with you before she passed. She always wanted me to go to Uni, I think she would be proud indeed 🙂 Hope you and your family are well xx


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