Sharing: “Women with Autism hide complex struggles behind masks”

A very interesting story!

While I love that the fact that the unique ASD traits shared by many women on the spectrum are now becoming more widely known; please remember that many males on the spectrum share these “female” traits too! They are not unique to women.



One thought on “Sharing: “Women with Autism hide complex struggles behind masks”

  1. I was sorry to learn that sexual abuse was prevalent among autistic women. I was nearly forced into sex on my own property behind the storage shed by a boy that I had a “puppy love” crush on when I was 11. I managed to get away. I was quite naive and thought I might have become pregnant through the saliva exchanged in kissing! Better to be on the naive side rather than the slutty. I was also forced into with a speculum that was clearly designed for a non-virgin woman by a male doctor and his student helper during a free gyno exam (it was part of the hospital stay). They didn’t stop when I moaned and said “No! Stop! Take it out!” They laughed instead.There wasn’t a nurse present in the room. I was 19 at the time and this was my 1st exam. My mom had to explain about what they did, why they did it and the size of the utensil.


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